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Visa Programs

Visitor (B2) Visa Renewal Program -SP

This program is for all travelers who want to renew their full validity B-2 tourist visas. Their visas should be valid or expired less than one year. These applicants must schedule appointments, but will generally not be interviewed (but are subject to being called in for interview).

An applicant renewing a B-2 visa through this procedure may also ask for a B-1 business visa.  You may not request visa types other than B-1 and B-2 through this program. Applicants should schedule their appointment on-line at or by phone at (21) 4004-4950.

Please Note:  Visas are valid for entry into the U. S. up to and including the date of expiration on the visa. There is no need to renew a visa six months prior to its expiration. For more information regarding Visa Validity & Length of Stay click here.

For more information on current wait times, please click on the following link:  Average Appointment Wait Time, Average Visa Processing Time