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Press Releases

New fees for U.S. citizen and immigrant visa services to begin in July

Brasilia, July 7, 2010

As of July 13th, the U.S. Department of State will change certain consular fees, including those related to U.S. passport and passport card applications, immigrant visas, and other consular services provided to United States and foreign citizens.

The Department of State is adjusting the fees in light of a comprehensive cost of service study completed in June 2009. The study, which was the most detailed and exhaustive ever conducted by the Department of State, established the true cost of providing these consular services, which by law must be recovered.

Fees vary depending on the type of service. Any application received on or after July 13, 2010 will be processed under the new fee schedule. Please click here for the total processing cost (US$).

For further information concerning the new fee schedule:


*Applicants for U.S. passports have the option of receiving a 52-page book for the same price as a 28-page full validity passport.  Applicants who know they will use a larger number of pages can get the larger book in advance and therefore avoid paying for additional pages down the road.

** Applicants can avoid paying the fee for file searches by providing adequate citizenship documentation when applying for passport rather than requesting an expensive, time-intensive file search.

All fees listed are paid at the Consulate cashier.

All payments may be made in cash (Dollars or the equivalent in Reais) or international credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Dinners, American Express, Novus/Discover).

In Recife cash payments are only accepted in Reais.