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Order of Documents for the Interview - fiancee

Important Notice for Fiancée K1 Visa Applicants:

On the day of your fiancée visa (K1/K2) interview please provide the list of documents below completely and all the forms listed carefully filled out. Please provide original or notarized copies of the documents listed below.

Please note:  Applicants must bring all original documents to the interview, even where those documents were already sent to USCIS with the petition.  There are no exceptions.

  1. Two frontal photograph showing both ears (5 X 5cm or 5 X 7cm);
  2. Valid passport (at least eight months validity remaining);
  3. Visa fee that should be paid at the Consulate's cashier on the day of the visa interview;
  4. Form DS-160 filled online. Please print and bring only the barcode confirmation page;
  5. Application for Immigrant Visa‐form DS 230‐I (only first page should be completed and signed);
  6. Sworn statement (for fiancées only);
  7. Birth Certificate (even if previously married);
  8. Termination of previous marriages (if applicable) with a simple copy;
  9. Police Certificate(s) - In Brazil you need two: from the Federal Police and the State Police (Secretaria de Segurança Pública) with a simple copy;
  10. Financial Support - E.g.: Affidavit of Support (I‐134 Form) including supporting documents. (see form instructions for attachments);
  11. Sealed envelope of Medical Examination Report;
  12. Complete Court Records, judicial situation, including processes in Brazil and in the U.S. (if applicable) with a simple copy;
  13. USCIS/DHS processes/records (e.g. deportation proceedings, voluntarily removal, change of visa category processes, petitions or hearings before immigration judges, asylum papers, etc.) with a simple copy.


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    Failure to present all documents at the time of your interview may result in your appointment being rescheduled to a later date. This procedure may take, in some categories up to two or three months.