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Immigrant Visa Applicants Appointment Letter

Immigrant Visa Applicants Appointment Letter

All steps of your request for an immigrant visa have been concluded. Based on your notification that all required documents are ready, we have scheduled you an appointment at our office for the date specified in the computer produced letter or by the confirmation e-mail you received from


All members of your family that will immigrate with you must come to the interview, including all children.

If you cannot keep this appointment, please notify our office by e-mail at so that another date can be set up.

If you have not previously sent online form DS‐260 barcode to this office, please access CEAC webpage, fill out the form and print the barcode page which is the identification and confirmation page. Each member of your family that is included in your immigrant visa petition needs to fill out this form. A parent or guardian may fill out any forms for minor children.

All applicants applying for an immigrant visa, regardless of age, need to undergo a medical examination. Please find here the list of the only authorized panel physicians.  

Please bring all documents applicable to your case. If all the requirements are not met, exactly as stated on the forms provided, your process may be delayed, in some cases, up to three months. We recommend you do everything accordingly in order to avoid delays.

Documents required include:

  • Passport with at least 8 (eight) months validity;
  • Two (2) frontal color photographs 5X5cm or 5X7cm with white background on glossy paper is required. The picture must not be retouched or mounted. No head covering or glasses should be worn. Both ears must be completely shown. Color Polaroid photo is acceptable. Photos are required of all applicants regardless of age.
  • Official Birth Certificate for every applicant with simple copy (including married, divorced or widowed applicants);
  • Civil Marriage Certificate with simple copy, if applicable;
    Official Divorce Decree, or previous spouse's Death Certificate with simple copy, if applicable;
  • Military Records with simple copy;
  • Police Certificate(s) (police certificate issued by the "Secretaria de Segurança Pública" and "Polícia Federal" with copy. Certificates issued by "Cartório" or "Fórum" are not accepted.)
  • Affidavit of Support (Form I‐864, one for each applicant and attachments) or job letter (for employment‐based processes). If the Affidavit has been previously sent to NVC, please double check if the latest tax form has been sent along with it and the form has been signed. Be aware that these are mandatory required for the interview;
  • Medical examination results;
  • One frontal colored picture 5X5cm or 5X7cm for each applicant (ears totally shown);
  • Online form DS 260 "Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration", if not previously sent. 

If you are the beneficiary of a family‐based immigrant visa petition, you must be prepared to present the originals of all civil documents that establish your claimed relationship to the petitioner. If you are the beneficiary of an employment‐based immigrant visa petition, you need to present an updated notarized job letter confirming the position.

Please note:  Applicants must bring all original documents to the interview, even where those documents were already sent to USCIS with the petition.  There are no exceptions.

In order to immigrate with you to the United States, or to follow you at a later date, your children must be unmarried and under the age of 21 at the time they enter the United States.

The date of the notarized signature on the Affidavits, as well as the date of the employment letters are valid only for 6 (six) months. Job Offers and Medical Examinations should not have been done more than 6 (six) months before when presented to the Consul at the visa interview. Police certificates are valid for 1 (one) year.

If your documents are in Portuguese or English, they do not need to be translated. If there are any documents in any other language, they need to be translated into English. Translations must be done by an official translator.

Please visit our schedule of fees for the fee required along with the immigrant visa process. No checks are accepted. "Travelers checks" from the applicants are acceptable. We only accept full payment in dollars or the equivalent in the local currency or international credit card, i.e: Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Novus‐Discover/Visas/Mastercard. The fees are generally good for 1 (one) year after the appointment date. If, for any reason, the visa is not issued, the interview fee will not be refunded.

Attention! We cannot guarantee the approval of your visa in advance. The Consul must check the documents first and then make a final decision on your visa request. We encourage you not to make any final travel arrangements, sell your properties or quit your job before your visa is issued.

The immigrant visa is usually valid for 180 (one hundred and eighty) days after the issuance. You must enter the U.S. within this period. Once in the U.S. you are going to receive your ‘Green Card' and you must contact the Social Security Agency to get information on your Social Security Card with authorization to work.

This Office will do its best to process your visa as soon as possible but you will most likely have to spend the entire morning in this Office until the Consul can make a final decision on your request. If any problem is detected, it is possible that you may have to return to this Office again.
You must use a delivery service that has a partnership with the consulate to return your visa after issued. Upon the approval of your visa you will receive instructions on how to contract this service. This consulate will not be responsible for losses or damages that may occur to the correspondence nor any tracking system. If the correspondence gets lost, you would have to prepare all the documents again in order to receive another visa.

Important Notice:

The section 203(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Law requires that an immigrant applicant proceed with your visa request within one year from the date the interview was scheduled. If you cannot attend the interview within one year from the date in the attached appointment letter, your request and visa petition will be canceled.

The Immigrant Visa Unit of the American Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro interviews applicants by appointment only. Please see our contact information instructions.

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